What Does a Noisy Boiler Mean? An Helpful Insight Into Boiler Noises

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If your boiler has started to make loud rumbling noises, then it’s trying to tell you that something just isn’t right. Rather than hope for the best, here’s more on what those rumbling noises can really mean for you boiler…

So what can rumbling noises mean?

First of all, it is important to understand that if your boiler has started making rumbling noises that you don’t have to worried that it is going to explode but let’s get a better understanding of what if really going on. 

Rumbling noises tend to me one of the most common kind of noises you can expect to hear coming from your boiler. There are many reasons this might be happening but it most likely due to something known as ‘kettling’. If you enjoy a cup of tea in the morning then you might be used to the sound of your kettle making rumbling sounds and it is similar with your boiler. Kettling can occur when there is a build up of limescale on the heat exchanger. What really matters here is that it leads to a buildup of pressure inside of the boiler and this increase in pressure is important to deal with. The main reason for this isn’t that it is going to explode but more that it could lead to leaks down the line.

In fact excess pressure can cause many problems. As pressure issues can affect the water flow in your system, it also means that it can damage your homes pipe work and decrease the amount of water that is delivered to the areas in the your home such as your bathroom or kitchen. This can also lead to a fluctuation in heat when it does reach it’s destination. 

Luckily this sort of thing is something that any trained Gas Safe engineer will be able to help you with and we can’t stress enough how important it is to get a professional to help make sure your boiler is repaired in the correct way. It is also important to let your heating engineer know just how long you have been you have been experiencing noises. This will allow them to get a better understanding of what may have been causing the issues in the first place and can help them make the changes that need to be made to make sure that it doesn’t happen in the future.

Based in the Ilkley area and need a new boiler?

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