Boiler Service in Leeds

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Boiler Service

Treat a boiler service like an MOT and service on a car. It's recommended annually so you can ensure that your boiler is working safely, efficiently and is compliant with the recommendations in the manufacturers handbook. When we service your boiler, we'll fire the boiler to identify any faults, check all of the major components like the heat exchanger and burner, check flue terminals and remove any products of combustion, check the boiler casing and make sure all parts are sealed correctly and clean boiler parts as required.

Some of the boilers that we service include: Baxi, Ideal, Potterton, Valliant, Viessmann and Worcester Bosch.

Benefits of an annual boiler service in Leeds

It's highly beneficial to service your boiler annually, here's why...
Greater boiler efficiency with a boiler service

Boilers that are serviced annually are more efficient than boilers that are ignored. Why? Anywhere it is deemed that fuel is being wasted, an engineer can make the required changes and put the fuel to better use, helping you save money on your energy bills.
Avoid expensive repairs with a boiler service

Boilers that are serviced are much less likely to breakdown, meaning you can save £100s on expensive boiler repairs.
Extended boiler warranties/guarantees

When a new boiler is installed, it often comes with an extended warranty/guarantee. For instance, we install Baxi boilers and can offer a warranty of up to 10 years. However, in order to benefit from this warranty, you need to annually service your boiler.
Quieter boiler with an annual boiler service

Boilers that are regularly serviced are much quieter than boilers that aren't!

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