Smart Thermostat Installation in Leeds

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Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are designed to help you control your central heating whilst you're out on the move. Smart thermostats are particularly useful if you:

  • Have a regular routine, i.e. out of the house by 8 and back home at 6
  • Have a busy lifestyle and would like to control the heating via your smartphone
  • Are unable to pre-set temperatures on your existing thermostat
  • Would like a full breakdown of where you're spending money on your energy bills

    Check out our video for advice on installing the new Nest Learning Thermostat

    Advantages of a smart thermostat

    Reduced energy bills
    On average, customers that use a Nest Thermostat can save just over £100 on their annual energy bills, therefore recouping the costs of the thermostat within just two years.
    Smart thermostats are smart
    The Nest thermostat learns about you the more you use it. If you tend to switch the heating off at 8am and turn it back on at 6pm, the thermostat will slowly learn your desired temperature and the times in which you turn it on/off. Likewise, if you install the app on your phone, it also recognises when you've left the house using GPS tracking and will automatically switch the heating off, visa versa if you return home. The thermostat can also be set to automatically adjust the temperature depending on the temperature outside.
    Smart reports
    Nest send out a monthly Nest Home Report that details how much you've spent on heating your home and offer guidance on where you can save money on your energy bills.
    Mobile control
    Forget to turn the heating off before you left? With a nest thermostat, you can switch it off using your smartphone whilst you're out and about.

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