What is a Powerflush and do I need one? A Useful Guide to Powerflushing

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One of the most common questions we get here at CCH Leeds is… 

“What is a powerflush?”

Simply put, a power flush is a cleansing process aiming to remove as much sludge, rust and debris as possible from your heating system. The goal of this process being to make your heating system as efficient as possible. To give you a better idea of what we can offer, here are some of the basics of power flushing. 

Do you need a powerflush?

If you have noticed that your heating system has been noticeably losing efficiency, it might be time for a powerflush! But maybe you’ve moved into a new home and if you’re not too sure whether or not your heating system has lost its efficiency, here are some tell-tale signs:

  • Cold areas on radiators
  • Very noisy boiler or heating pump
  • Discoloured water when bleeding your radiator
  • Heating system takes a while to warm

It is also recommended that you have a power flush before connecting a new boiler to a pre-existing heating system. This is because of the nature of most new boilers, any contaminants that are left in the heating system are likely to damage the new boiler. The last thing you want when making the investment of a new boiler is to have that boiler damaged.

The powerflush process

So now that we’ve established quickly what a power flush is and when you might need one, let’s quickly go through what’s involved in the process of power flushing. In order to achieve a full cleansing of your heating system, the whole system will have to be flushed. This is done with a heating engineer connecting a pumping unit to the central heating system. In regular boiler systems, this is the circulation pump and in combi boilers, this is the pump head.

Chemicals are pumped through the heating system which help break down and remove any rust, sludge, limescale and any other debris that may have settled in the heating system. At the end of this process, no acid is left remaining in the heating system’s water. If carried out by a competent engineer, this whole process should cause minimal disruption to your home and your heating system.

How can a powerflush benefit me?

Now, cleaning your heating system may sound all well and good, but what are the practical benefits of a power flush? A power flush can dramatically increase your heating system’s efficiency, which means increased radiator temperature, longer life expectancy of a boiler and better system circulation. In other words, a power flush can actually save you money in the long run. 

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