“Should I Switch Energy Providers?”: A Plumber’s Opinion on Energy Switching

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Every so often our customers share concerns over high energy bills. Sometimes these could be due to central heating issues. However, sometimes bills could be higher, simply because of the provider. So, please read the following advice to see if you should make a switch!

When should I switch?

“It’s been a long time…”

If you haven’t switched your energy provider in a while it may be a good idea to. Once an energy tariff ends, your energy supplier will default you onto their standard tariffs. This is often the most expensive tariff. So, you should make considerable savings by swapping to another supplier. If you have never switched before, you’ve probably been paying more than you’ve needed to for many years!

Your current deal has expired

It is compulsory for tariffs to have an expiration date. Most tariffs last for 12 months. So when a current deal expires, you should look into other suppliers. If you are going to investigate before your current deal ends, make sure you find out information about your existing contract, such as cancellation fees. This will likely influence your switching decisions.

You have a switching window- 49 days- before your tariff end date. This is when you can swap providers without any cancellation fees. It’s a good idea to record your expiration date, so you can be proactive with arranging your new one at the earliest opportunity.

Multiple Suppliers

If you are paying separate suppliers for your gas and electricity at the moment, you could probably save money by switching to a duel fuel deal. This is where one supplier provides both. Normally the supplier offers loyalty discounts for providing both.

However, dual fuel deals aren’t always cheaper. So, you should make sure you do your research. Sometimes you could save more on your bills by having a separate tariff each for your electricity and gas. Research carried out by UKPower.co.uk in 2014, found that households could save up to £55 a year by choosing to have separate tariffs.

So you should always compare single and dual fuel tariffs, and then choose whether to switch your current supplier/s accordingly.

How to switch provider

Switching provider is fairly easy. One of the simplest ways is to use an online service. These will compare tariffs on offer to you. There are many services available, such as uswitch and Energy Helpline.

The services shows you the available tariffs and the amount of money you could save by switching to each of them. They allow you to pick the option that suits you and can rank suppliers by their price and customer service.

Actually switching tends to be easy and quick, and can be done online. You normally just need to enter your postcode and then follow a series of simple steps. Services are free and tend to take just a few minutes to gather the information. These are a good aid and can end up saving you hundreds of pounds!

If your energy bills are suddenly getting higher, your provider may not be the issue; instead you could have a boiler problem. So, you should consider contacting a professional!

Need boiler work in Ilkley?

If you are living in areas surrounding Ilkley and you think your boiler could be causing you higher energy bills, please contact us. We will happily come round and inspect this for you!