Need a New Boiler in Leeds? Different Boiler Types Explained

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Unless you’re a heating engineer, you’ll probably only need to consider different types of boiler, and their pros and cons a few times in your life, so you can be excused if you’re a bit daunted when you finally have to choose a new boiler. This blog post will explain the three main types of boilers and their pros and cons. CCH Leeds specialises in boiler installs, serving Leeds and the surrounding areas.

Types of boiler that can be installed by our gas engineers in Leeds…

Combination (combi) boiler

Combi boilers are very popular in the UK, accounting for more than half of boilers installed every year. Combi boilers combine a water heater with a central heating boiler, they heat water on demand meaning you don’t need a hot water cylinder or water tank, which can be a big space saver. Without a cylinder or tank, installation is generally easier and cheaper than with other systems. They are also very efficient meaning you’ll save money in the long term too.

The main downside with combi boilers is they cannot deal with a high demand for hot water as well as other systems because they heat water on demand. This means that combis are not suited to larger homes, where multiple bathrooms may need hot water at the same time.

Conventional boiler

As the name suggests conventional boilers are an older style of boiler, and if your boiler is very old there’s a good chance it’ll be a conventional boiler. Conventional boilers require a hot water cylinder and a water tank in the loft meaning they take up more space than any other boiler type. The benefit of this is that they can supply hot water to more than one tap at a time, so if you have a larger/busier house, conventional may be a good option.

One disadvantage with conventional boilers is that they do not supply hot water on demand, the water in the tank must heat up first. However you can get around this by using a timer, just as you would with your central heating.

System boiler

Sealed systems are similar to conventional boilers in that they require a hot water tank, but unlike conventional boilers they do not require a water tank in the loft, leaving you more space. This means that as with conventional boilers, system boiler can provide hot water to more than one tap at a time, but also shares the disadvantage that you need to wait for water to heat up before you can use it.

Need a new boiler installed in Leeds? 

These main pros and cons may give you an idea about which boiler type you may want for your home but to ensure you make the correct decision it’s important to consult a heating engineer. CCH Leeds offers free quotes on all jobs, and we’d be happy to advise you on the best boiler type for your home.