How Long Does the Average Boiler Last? A Helpful Guide to Boiler Life

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It’s a question that many homeowners ask us and while it most definitely varies from person to person, here’s what you need to know about the average boiler life cycle…

How long should my boiler typically last?

We understand that there are a lot of factors that go into how long your boiler will be working for. It very much depends on the make and model of your boiler but we would say that a well maintained boiler can work for anywhere between 9-14 years. 

What can I do to extend this?

This might sound obvious but it’s important that we go over it as many people do not see the value in this tried and tested method. Regular servicing not only helps a heating engineer keep your boiler working as efficiently as possible but it also helps to keep you safe. By keeping up to date with servicing, you allow a professional to check and double check all of the things that might cause your boiler issues in the future while at the same time keeping your home safe.

How to be efficient with your heat?

With that said, making better use of your boiler’s thermostat can also help. Most experts agree that the best home temperature should be set to between 18°C and 21°C. The main reason for this is that turning up your boiler to blast more heat in won’t heat your home any quicker as your boiler needs to fire up and supply the heat. This means that it makes much more sense to wear another layer of clothing in situations where you are cold as you will feel the effects much quicker as well as save money. 

It’s also a good idea to make good use of a programmer or timer. You want to heat your house at times when you really need it. For most of us, that is about 30 minutes before we wake up and get to work and 30 minutes before we put our heads down for the night. It goes without saying that leaving heating on overnight is not recommended as you are not around to see any dangers should they occur. 

Looking for a new boiler in Ilkley?

We know that homeowners need help to keep their homes warm and safe. If you have any questions or need a qualified Gas Safe heating engineer to help you with your home, get in touch today!