Here’s How to Make Sure Your Boiler Is Working Efficiently

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We regularly get called out to Leeds and its surrounding areas, to fix boilers. We understand that your boiler breaking can cause you considerable stress and expense, which is why we recommend that you regularly check your boiler is working efficiently.

Regular maintenance and checks should help prevent high boiler repair costs, avoid increases in heating bills and can even be life-saving. After all, a faulty boiler can be fatal!


Here are some checks you can do to make sure your boiler is working efficiently.

The flame

The flame in your boiler should be blue. If it appears smoky or yellow, there could be something seriously wrong. A yellow flame is a possible indicator of carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous and potentially fatal gas.

So, if you check the flame and notice it is not blue, immediately call for professional assistance.


Check the radiators, particularly feeling for even heat distribution. If your radiators are colder at the bottom than the top, then you probably have some air trapped in the system. Therefore, you need to release the air, by ‘bleeding the radiators’.

Leaving trapped air in the radiators means your system will not run efficiently. It leads to more strain on your boiler, causing it to work harder and thus results in higher energy bills. So bleeding your radiators could prevent you from wasting money.

To find out how to bleed your radiators click here. After you have bled your radiators, you should always check the pressure on your boiler, as this process can cause pressure to fall. 


Over time, boilers lose pressure. This can cause them to run inefficiently. So you should check the pressure gauge- this can be found on the boiler. If the pressure is reading below one, it will need refilling. You should be able to find instructions on how to do this in your boiler manual. Or you can ask your local plumber.

If your boiler pressure keeps falling, there is likely to be something wrong and you should arrange for a professional to look at it.

Turn the heating on

Another thing you can do to ensure efficiency is switching on the heating for 10-15 minutes during the Summer season. If your boiler is not used regularly, it can seize up. But, turning it on briefly over summer should keep it working.

If you notice your boiler starts taking a long time to get warm, there could be something wrong, and you should arrange for a professional to look at it.

Annual service

Finally, you should have your boiler serviced once a year by an engineer. Even if your boiler seems to be working perfectly, you should arrange this. There could be small problems, which could get a lot worse if left undetected, or potential risks which could become resolved, before any problems occur.

An annual service will involve having your boiler parts checked and cleaned. They can help avoid costly repairs, and ensure maximum boiler efficiency.

Need boiler work in the Leeds area

Here at CCH, we offer free quotes and a free, no-risk consultation. So, if you have performed any of these checks and feel you may need your boiler looking at in Leeds, or its surrounding areas, please get in contact with us.