Have You Started Using Smart Controls Yet? A Helpful Guide to Smart Controls

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When doing a boiler install, I am sometimes asked about smart heating. It has become quite a recent trend, and can cause considerable reductions on your heating bills. If you aren’t using them, or haven’t heard about them yet, please read on.

Maybe next time you request for a boiler install, or any other professional service, you will find yourself enquiring about them too!

Smart controls: what are they?

Smart heating, or smart controls are a way to help you heat your home more efficiently. There are many smart thermostats available on the market at the moment- all equipped with nifty features to help you control your home heating.

A traditional room thermostat, allows you to change your home’s temperature with the use of a dial or a control panel. A smart thermostat, however gives you a more efficient, user-friendly and accessible method of control, over your home’s heating.

Smart heating uses 3 basic components:

  1. The first component directly plugs into your boiler. This can wirelessly communicate to the second component.
  2. The second component is an in-home device, which is the thermostat and main control.
  3. The third component is an app which can be installed on your tablet or smartphone. Users can then use the app to remotely control the thermostat. This lets them adjust their heating from wherever they are.

This is the basic foundation of most smart thermostats. Some have many additional features and can do actions such as learning your schedule, or using your GPS to know when you are nearly home. They can then control the heating, according to your individual requirements.

Why use them?

One of the biggest reasons to use smart controls is due to money they save. The amount however, will depend on your current heating habits. If you currently have a busy lifestyle or are particularly forget, you will likely see more benefits.

The idea behind these thermostats is to give you more control, so you are not needlessly using heating. If you forget to turn the heating off, or are unexpectedly out of the house, you can use your app to turn the heating down or off. Some thermostats also lets you control certain rooms. So if you are sitting in your living room all day, you can make yourself feel warm- without needing to heat the rest of the empty rooms.  

Please note smart controls can a fairly costly purchase initially. However, they tend to be worthwhile, due to the amount of money they can save on your heating bills. They allow you to run your home more efficiently and give you a better understanding of your heating habits. You can then adjust your preferences and behaviour, as needed, to save money.

Looking to install smart heating, a new boiler or need any other service in Leeds?

If you are interested in smart heating, then remember to enquire when you next have a boiler install, or any other professional service. If you would like more information on the types available you can read PC-advisor’s review here.

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