Common Ways Your Home Is Costing You More In Bills

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A new boiler is just one way you can reduce your home’s heating bills and improve home energy efficiency. Carry on reading, to find more information about how your home could be costing you more in bills and what steps you can do to combat this.

How your home is costing you

Lack of insulation

If you have a lack of insulation your bills could be considerably higher than they need to be. Hot air could be escaping, or cold air being let in, which causes your boiler to work harder and your energy bills to raise. However, loft insulation can save the average household £155 on their annual bills. Therefore, the cost of insulation will pay for itself, in a very short amount of time.

Another area to add insulation is, in the walls. Not all walls are suitable though. However, if your home was built between the 1920’s and 1980’s, they are likely able to have insulation installed. It is estimated that approximately a third of a home’s heat lost is through the walls. Therefore, installing insulation should save you considerable money.

The less your house is insulated, the more your bills are costing you. So, even if the initial costs seem a bit daunting, they can be worthwhile. You may also be eligible for a grant, which will help keep the costs of insulation down. For more information, visit the Energy Saving Trust Website,  or

Leaving appliances on standby

Leaving your appliances on standby wastes a lot of energy, and so you will end up spending more on your energy bills. To save yourself money, you should always switch the power off by the mains supply, whenever you are not using the appliance.

Leaving computer monitors, televisions and other electrical devices on standby will cost you more than you think. It is estimated that the UK uses about £116,000,000 worth of electricity, just on televisions waiting to be switched on.

An Inefficient Boiler

A boiler that is not working properly is also likely to cause you considerable costs. There are some signs you can look out for, which will indicate that you need a boiler repair, or perhaps even a new boiler altogether.

If your boiler is making a lot of noise, there is likely to be something wrong. You can try resetting it, but if the noise is persistent you should contact an engineer. The longer you leave the problem, the higher the energy bills and the higher costs for any boiler work. If you leave it too long, and the damage becomes too extensive, you may even need a new boiler.

If your boiler is old- 12 years or more- you may want to invest in a new boiler. New boilers have higher efficiencies and should cause reductions on energy bills. Moreover, if your boiler constantly needs repairs, you will end up be paying more in the long-run, by prolonging the inevitable – the purchase of a new boiler.

To ensure your boiler is not wasting you money, make sure you have a regular annual service.

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