3 Useful Tips on Hiring a Heating Engineer

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Hiring a heating engineer might seem overwhelming with the amount of choice you have, but it doesn’t have to be if you look out for these few key things that will help you hire a professional…

Check them online

It’s already the norm to check everything online before we take the plunge and it’s easy to see why. With the busy lifestyles that we live, it’s never been more important to make sure we are getting the best deal we can, that’s why sites that can provide references and testimonials have grown as they help you understand that something is really like. It should be no different when looking for a professional trade. 

The important thing to look out for are any reviews that highlight the professional work they’ve completed on previous jobs and how they handled their customer service. This will give you a clear indication that they can complete the kind of job that you need doing while at the same time giving you an idea of how they interact with their customers. 

Be clear from the start about the work you need done

Before you take the time to get into contact with a heating engineer, it’s important to understand what it is you actually need. While this may sound like strange, some heating engineers are better suited to certain jobs than others.  

Let’s say that you need a new boiler as well as some work on some the wet and dry piping in your home. While a heating engineer is only professional by law that can touch gas, not all heating engineers are specialised plumbers. Getting a clear idea of what you need will help not only speed up your job, but find you a professional that you can trust. 

It’s also usually a good idea to find a local trade, particularly heating engineers simply due to the nature of the job. There’s nothing worse than having your boiler not working as it should be, right in the middle of those cold winter months. Hiring a local engineer means that you can have a better relationship with your engineer. You are also more likely to receive discounts if you use a regular professional. 

Always confirm the quote

We can stress enough how important it is for both sides to confirm the quote before any kind of work is carried out. You don’t want to pay more than was expected and honestly, neither does a truly professional heating engineer because they should understand the importance of reputation. If you aren’t sure, don’t be afraid to ask questions. A professional will never shy away from answering questions and will take a deep interest in what’s best for your home as well.

It’s also a good idea to confirm start and end times once you are happy with your quote. This way, everyone will be on the same page and you will have a clearly idea of what kind of arrangements you need to make or be present for. 

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