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CCH Leeds have over 20 years of experience in heating, plumbing & gas. In this time we have installed many new boilers to Leeds and its surrounding areas.

Sometimes our customers are curious about the best boiler brands. Well, the better boiler brands tend to be well known. They also tend to be from manufacturers, who have been around for a long time. Companies, such as Worcester Bosch and Valiant provide ideal boilers. You can trust that they will be reliable and a high quality product.

To find out exactly why these are amongst the best boiler brands, please read on…



This boiler generally has a very strong reputation, with only a small amount of negative reviews. Its combi boiler has actually been awarded the ‘Which Best Buy’ – voted for by engineers and customers- for about six years running!

Why they’re so good…

  • Overall this brand’s boilers are very well made. They run very quietly for many years. Like any boiler, they can occasionally experience a problem or too. However, there are no common issues or constant faults, associated with them- unlike some other brands.
  • There is a huge variety available. With several types and sizes, everybody should be able to find a boiler to suit their home’s needs. You can also choose from having a vertical or horizontal flue!
  • There is a manufacturing plant located in the UK. This means there is no need to wait around for replacement parts; they are readily available.
  • They also provide a market-leading guarantee. This means they can cover of your boiler related problems for up to 10 years! An accredited installer must fit this for you though, and it must be installed with Worcester Bosch’s own controls and filter. Also, you must remember to have your boiler serviced annually or this guarantee becomes invalid. An annual service will help ensure your boiler is working properly and that it’s safe.

These boilers are generally considered to be strong and efficient and are one of the market leaders. They are not the cheapest of boilers but are cost efficient and overall work out at very good value for money.

To see their products, or for more information, visit their website by clicking here.


Vaillant boilers are another top brand. They are German-engineered, and the brand often releases well-researched and highly developed products. The boilers have a good design, and are normally very reliable. They also tend to last several years.

Why they’re great!

  • Vaillant have actually been awarded for having the quietest boiler on the market.
  • They provide up to a 10-year guarantee. You will have to spend a little more if you want to extend this though. And again you will also need an annual boiler service to make sure this is valid.
  • They provide a great range of boilers, which can be suitable for the majority of homes.
  • Their parts are also readily obtainable in the UK.

Vaillant boilers are also a little pricier. However, they are a high quality and the quietest boiler option around. They do not have a compact range of combi boilers though, meaning they will take up a bit more space, and won’t be able to fit in the standard kitchen cupboard.

If you would like more information on the brand, visit their website here.


We are dedicated to providing our customers with an affordable, but high quality service. So please, if you need a new boiler in Leeds or its surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact us.