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4 tips to reduce your energy bill

Heating bills typically account for more half of your utility cost and no body likes to pay over the odds. This means that it’s important to make sure you are getting as much value out of your boiler as possible so here’s a few tips to keep your energy bills down… Look into insulation It’s … Continued

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3 top tips on hiring a heating engineer

Hiring a heating engineer might seem overwhelming with the amount of choice you have, but it doesn’t have to be if you look out for these few key things that will help you hire a professional… Check them online It’s already the norm to check everything online before we take the plunge and it’s easy … Continued

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Supporting Candlelighters Trust

In support of Candlelighters Trust, we are offering free boiler servicing. We would usually charge £50 for a boiler service. Instead of this, we are asking for you to make a donation of at least this amount if possible. If you’re in Leeds, Guiseley, Ilkley or the surrounding area, are in need of a boiler … Continued

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What is a Power Flush?

What is a power flush? CCH Leeds explains the basics One of the most common questions we get here at CCH Leeds is… “What is a power flush?” Simply put, a power flush is a cleansing process aiming to remove as much sludge, rust and debris as possible from your heating system. The goal of … Continued

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