If you are finding your central heating is not as efficient as it used to be, then get our engineers to take a look at it for you and make their recommendations for improvement. You might be surprised to find that systems with sludge and debris inside can contribute substantially to increasing your central heating bills, just getting your central heating system cleaned or “flushed” by one of our highly trained engineers could save you up to 15% on your heating costs.


We offer our services at a competitive price at an excellent standard of workmanship


With over 20 years of experience, including many working British Gas, you know you’re in safe hands


Here at CCH Leeds, we take care of all of your concerns in a safe and competent manner

Client Service is our top priority

At CCH Leeds we are proud of our standard of work and we always put our customers first. Our professionalism drives us on to provide you with the best service possible, and we are constantly updating our knowledge of boilers and central heating solutions to make sure what we offer is the best.

Tip: Only Gas Safe Registered engineers are legally allowed to work with gas. Allowing someone who isn’t Gas Safe Registered into your home can put your safety at risk.